BLOOMINGTON - Bloomington-based Cook Group has announced an “expanded partnership” with Western Governors University to support Cook employees who want to further their education. The collaboration will allow Cook workers to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degree with no out-of-pocket cost. 

Starting on June 1, any Cook Group employee graduating with an associate’s degree from Ivy Tech Community College can attend WGU to earn a bachelor’s degree for free if they begin within six months of graduating from Ivy Tech. 

Employees who graduate with a bachelor’s degree from WGU can continue their education and earn a master’s degree from WGU at no cost if they begin within 12 months of graduating.

This new opportunity is an improved version of My Cook Pathway, a workforce development program that provides educational opportunities such as the High School Equivalency work-study program, Achieve Your Degree at Ivy Tech Community College and financial aid for students earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree. 
“One of the goals of My Cook Pathway is to make it possible for someone to come to Cook without a high school diploma and get all the way through a master’s degree at no cost to them,” Nicky James, vice president of Human Resources and Talent Development said in a news release. “We’re proud to announce that our growing partnership with WGU now makes this possible.”