FORTVILLE - The owners of the Fortville Business Center have opened a new coworking space. Bonny and Rockford Stites tell the Daily Reporter in Greenfield the space fulfills an unmet need in the Hancock County town.

The coworking space makes up a majority of the second floor of the Fortville Business Center. It features amenities such as a lounge, conference room, presentation room, a coffee bar and kitchen. Traditional office tenants at the business center also have access to the space, according to the publication.

Rockford Stites tells the Reporter he decided to move forward with creating the coworking space after visiting several others in the area.

“You’ve got a professional place to go work now that keeps you in that right mindset and focus all day," said Stites. "Then your business goes from being a hobby to something serious.”

Access to the coworking space is being offered for $95 per month or $950 per year. You can read more about the Fortville Business Center coworking space from the Daily Reporter by clicking here.