FORT WAYNE - Fort Wayne Mayor Tom Henry, the Fort Wayne Redevelopment Commission and the City Community Development and Public Works staff have broken ground on renovations to Ardmore Avenue leading to the entrance of Fort Wayne International Airport. The mile-long roadway will be under construction until November and will be widened to include a center turn lane.

The project also includes new street lighting, street trees and an asphalt trail.The area will also be made more welcoming with signage, a 25-foot lighted gateway marker and landscaping.

There will be ADA-compliant curb ramps at the intersections of Second Street, Vanguard Drive and Airport Expressway. In order to address numerous drainage issues, storm sewers will be installed, including curb and gutter inlets and yard inlets.

The construction is being conducted from Airport Expressway to Second Street. There will be traffic detours throughout construction and delays are expected to occur in that area. 

The project will cost nearly $3.7 million funded with tax increment financing funds, generated through the Baer Field TIF District.

“As our community competes for jobs and talent, we know the importance of putting our best foot forward and making a good impression on our visitors,” said Mayor Henry in a news release. “That’s one reason this Ardmore project is so important – it will create a welcoming and attractive gateway for people traveling to and from our airport.”