NEWBERRY - The Battery Innovation Center in Greene County has announced plans for a new certification lab. The facility, which tests and evaluates energy storage systems, will become the first commercially accredited test laboratory used for the certification of a new energy grid language known as the Open Field Message Bus framework standard.

The lab aims to certify the interoperability of grid devices, systems and applications with the OpenFMB framework standard. The BIC says the OpenFMB interoperability framework is a standard that "enables traditional grid-edge operational assets and distributed energy resources – such as solar photovoltaics, energy storage systems, and microgrids – to quickly and securely communicate with each other in the field regardless of each device’s local communications protocols."

The framework will help the energy grid operate more efficiently, according to the facility.

"Battery Innovation Center is building upon current collaborations with Underwriters Laboratories (UL), MESA’s open standards for energy storage and others by adding OpenFMB to our portfolio of standards validation services," said Ben Wrightsman, president and CEO of the Battery Innovation Center. "OpenFMB provides consistency in communications and controls at a level not previously seen in energy storage systems. By leveraging the OpenFMB interoperability framework combined with industry expertise, we can ensure better quality products and capabilities for end markets and customers."

The BIC says the certification lab will accelerate education and awareness of OpenFMB as interoperable and not competing with other standards.