The Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission has officially filed a complaint against Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill. The complaint involves previous accusations from four women who say they were groped by Hill at a downtown Indianapolis bar last year.

Hill has denied the accusations and no charges were filed.

According to WIBC, the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission says Hill violated the state's rules of professional conduct for attorneys. 

A ten-page complaint released by the commission on Tuesday details each alleged assault from the women who accused Hill. It also says that Hill made "rude and sexually suggestive comments." 

The complaint also says Hill engaged in "offensive personality" and that his conduct violates the position of public trust he holds as the state's chief law enforcement officer. 

Counsel to Hill, Don Lundberg of Lundberg Legal has released the following statement in response to the complaint:

“This matter has been investigated three times. There was an investigation undertaken by the General Assembly, another by the inspector general and, finally, one by the special prosecutor.  And after having reviewed all the information, all three reached the same conclusion: no further action was warranted. The Attorney General remains focused on serving the people of Indiana. This matter will be addressed through the proper process outlined for disciplinary complaints in the State of Indiana and we are confident it will conclude in a manner consistent with the results of the prior investigations.”

The complaint is not concerned with criminal charges, rather it states that Hill may have committed sexual battery, a level 6 felony. 

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