INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana Humanities today announced Inseparable, a two-year statewide initiative will offer local programing to unite rural and urban Hoosiers. The project will aim is to use literature, history, poetry, philosophy, ethics and related disciplines to promote understanding and empathy across Indiana.

Book tour events, special dinner party conversations, a Smithsonian-curated museum exhibit and more also will be offered by Indiana Humanities over the next two years to provide Hoosiers with many opportunities to analyze the urban-rural dynamic. 

“Through the humanities, we have some special tools that are divorced from politics that are ways we can see the world, ways we can see each other,” Keira Amstutz, president and chief executive officer of Indiana Humanities, said at a Statehouse news conference. “What we're trying to do is create space and opportunity for people to wrestle with these issues on their own and in conversation with others.”

INseparable programs and events will include:

  • INconversation Series
  • Smithsonian-Curated Exhibit
  • Chew on This: What Divides Us? A Dinner Conversation
  • One State / One Story Book Reading
  • Humanities Fellowship
  • Film Project Contest
  • Hoosier Urbanization Poster Project
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Novel Conversations
  • Student Reading Challenge

For more information on the programming, click here.