INDIANAPOLIS - Alison Bell is returning to WGU Indiana and taking on a new role as the university’s chancellor. Bell plans to hit the ground running, with a focus on growth and an in-depth evaluation on statewide workforce needs.

Previously, Bell spent four years at WGU Indiana as general manager of operations. She was responsible for the recruitment and training of new employees in the state, building an engaging employee culture and establishing a partnership with the Indiana University of Online Education.

Her experience in that role will play into WGU’s goals for supporting adult learners preparing to enter the workforce while cultivating corporate relationships statewide.

“Adults have different needs and find their way into education a different way than your traditional out-of-high-school college student. Where are adults? They’re working. So, by partnering with corporations and employers we can, one, identify where there are education training needs for that workforce that exists, what the corporations identify as needs for education and development and where we can help to provide that or partner to provide that.” Bell said.

Bell says the key will be to focus on those partnerships and develop them.

“By having a good relationship you learn those things. And then, also, then the potential students and those corporations understand what WGU Indiana is and how our flexible model of education and affordable model makes sense for not only students that come here but perhaps those corporations who want to partner and send their workforce here. In addition, I’m very aware that Indiana has some deep workforce needs. We need a skilled workforce to fill the needs of our corporate partners. How do we know what those needs are? Through our partnerships.”