FORT WAYNE - Students in Purdue Fort Wayne's Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management have opened this semester's student-run restaurant, Edelweiss. The Swiss cuisine restaurant is inside the Holiday Inn Purdue Fort Wayne and will be open every Thursday from 11:30am to 1:30 pm through April 25th.

The 100-percent student run restaurant allows students to experience every aspect of operating a restaurant, with the end goal being to understand 'Art of Management' through revenue, cost and customer satisfaction. 

“This semester has taught me a great deal,” says Neev Patel, a junior majoring in Hospitality Tourism Management and back of house manager for Edelweiss. “It turned an unsure group of students into a strong team than can competently run an entire restaurant. We have learned the importance of cleanliness, efficiency, and attention to detail. I cannot wait to bring these lessons into my lifelong hospitality career.”

The program is still filling a variety of positions at the restaurant.