INDIANAPOLIS - DePauw University has announced a partnership with Launch Indy to allow students and faculty unlimited access to Launch Indy's member programs and coworking space. The Launch Indy is in The Union 525 building in downtown Indianapolis. 

“Launch Indy has been considering ways to work with the region’s universities and colleges for some time, and we are thrilled to be collaborating with DePauw University on this program,” said Katie Birge, executive director at Launch Indy. “The goal is to provide the DePauw community with an environment to connect with the Indianapolis startup community and to offer a space for working on new ventures, internships, and training.

The directors of DePauw's McDermond Center and Tenzer Center have also opened an extension office at Union 525, along with the Prindle Institute for Ethics. Current students, faculty and staff can begin working at Launch Indy this semester.