INDIANAPOLIS - The new head of school at the International School of Indiana says she wants to build on 25 years of growth. Elizabeth Head, who became the school’s first female leader last month, says the school’s reputation for contributing to the workforce and attracting talent from around the world excited her about the job. She says the ISI is the only school of its kind not just in Indiana, but throughout the Midwest.

In an interview on Inside INdiana Business with Gerry Dick, Head said one of her goals is to remind the city about why the school was founded in the first place.

"What's key is that it was founded on the sole motivation 25 years ago of attracting talent to Indianapolis so that companies would have a place to relocate, put their children, have their children feel comfortable, integrated in full language immersion throughout all of their schooling," said Head. "It's necessary for the business community, especially if Indianapolis wants to continue to grow in internationalism because without a school like this, then companies won't see Indianapolis as such an attractive asset for their company to move into."

Head says the school is in the process of a silent phase of a capital campaign to build a lower school campus on the school's current upper school campus. She says it's a new investment for the city because it's giving back to the city as a means of business development.