INDIANAPOLIS - Intellectual property is the focus of a new program at the School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. The Engineering-Science Intellectual Property Project is a series of three classes that combine engineering and patent application to intellectual property concepts. Students will create their own solutions for engineering challenges by building prototypes and guiding them through commercialization processes.

"This is a program in engineering education that will really shift the focus from a pure science-based education to applied education with a huge emphasis on intellectual property," said professor Hamid Piroozi, a visiting clinical professor of engineering and co-principal investigator and instructor of the program's intellectual property courses. "This is by far the most unique program of its kind."

Over 100 students are enrolled in the classes which are funded by a grant from IUPUI's STEM Education Innovation and Research Institute's Seed Grant Program, along with an Indiana Economic Development Corporation grant. The classes include coursework on patent law in a collaboration with the McKinney School, and allow students to take the patent bar exam to become patent agents. Piroozi says they are working to establish a certificate for the program.