The co-founder of Indianapolis-based Flipside Mobile Car Wash says he is looking to scale up the on-demand, virtually waterless mobile detailing startup. Rhett Barker started Flipside while he was a student at Ball State University and now has corporate clients such as Rolls-Royce and the JW Marriott hotel in downtown Indy. In an interview for The INnovators with Dr. K, Barker said he wants to make sure the company was scalable.

"At (our) current options, it really helps us to learn what works and what doesn't," said Barker. "We've been sculpting this concept that we're at a point where it works. We're actually going to be moving into cities in the south and extending our reach as far as it can get. We contract college students and every major city has college students near it, so it works out pretty well with what we want to do."

Flipside uses a proprietary cleaning solution that includes 2-4 ounces of water per wash, along with interior and exterior detailing options. Barker says the company was able to keep costs low initially so they could self-finance the operation. Moving forward, he says they will be looking at more long-term funding options, particularly to be able to market and sell the solution to the public on store shelves and online.

Dr. K provided Barker with a "prescription" in the form of three knowledge factors:

  • Knowledge for the Public - Key information about the process that helps the consumers understand how this new washing technique actually enhances the car while saving water.
  • Knowledge of Distribution Channels - Gain expertise to understand the best methods to scale up distribution operations.
  • Knowledge for Contractors  - Proper quality training techniques to the contractors applying the actual washing.

You can learn more about Flipside Mobile Car Wash by clicking here.