EVANSVILLE - The University of Evansville's Department of Mathematics has started a new bachelor's degree in actuarial science. The program includes work in statistics, data science, finance and other fields. Students can begin enrolling in the Fall 2019.

“Actuaries are experts at modeling and managing risk,” said Mark Gruenwald, PhD, professor of mathematics and director of actuarial science. “They are highly trained professionals with strong analytical skills and specialized knowledge of math, statistics, and business. Their work provides financial security for insurance companies, multinational corporations, and the government. Not surprisingly, there is a growing demand for individuals with this rare combination of talent and expertise.”

The new program also offers preparation for five of the ten actuary exams, with the first three usually taken before graduation. Graduates of the former program consulted on the new degree which replaces the existing actuarial track within the mathematics program, and also adds an advanced course in long-term modeling with three new data science classes. Learn more about the new degree program here