WORTHINGTON - The latest school to add a telehealth clinic is in the Greene County town of Worthington. White River Valley Elementary School will today officially open the clinic, which will connect students and staff to services from Greene County General Hospital and its My Clinic network.

The clinic will allow students and staff at the school to see a doctor or medical provider by video-conference. The school says its nurses and other staff have spent several hours training on how to use the equipment. The clinic will feature technology including an imaging stethoscope, dermscope and otoscope as well as customized video and software platforms.

School staff will use digital diagnostic equipment and sensors to send information to medical facilities at My Clinic and Green County General Hospital. The clinic will also allow the school to send follow-up information directly to the children's physician and prescriptions to local pharmacies.

Organizers say telehealth capabilities allow students and staff to receive care without having to leave school and see a provider that could be miles away. They add it also address rural hurdles to access including poverty, transportation and provider shortages.