INDIANAPOLIS - The Indiana Chamber of Commerce will Monday outline its legislative agenda for next year's General Assembly. The organization has already spoken out on issues including hate crime legislation and increasing the state's cigarette tax by $2 per pack.

The chamber will unveil its agenda Monday morning during its Legislative Preview Luncheon at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Indianapolis.

The organization's board of directors voted in favor of supporting bias/hate crime legislation at its fall board meeting earlier this month. Chief Executive Officer Kevin Brinegar says a bias crime statue is "not only the right thing to do, it is also important to helping our employers recruit and retain talented employees."

The chamber is also part of the Raise it for Health Coalition, made up of more than 130 business, health and youth organizations. The group is calling for a $2 per pack cigarette tax increase, arguing it will help improve Indiana's workforce and overall health.