GREENWOOD - The city of Greenwood and Indiana State Police have reached an agreement in principal that would allow Indy South Greenwood Airport to house the department's aviation fleet. The city says the final lease terms are being discussed for a multi-year deal.

The agreement calls for a new hangar with office space to house the ISP fleet and personnel. The Greenwood Redevelopment Commission has approved funding for the hangar, construction of which is expected to begin after the deal is finalized.

"A number of factors contributed to our decision to move forward in reaching an agreement with Greenwood," said Doug Carter, Superintendent of the Indiana State Police. "Top of the list is this is an ideal location with nearly all the infrastructure in place to meet our operational needs to serve not only state police aviation needs, but the needs of our law enforcement partners across the state. Suffice it to say we are looking forward to our new aviation home and believe this is the beginning of a strong and enduring partnership with Greenwood and the airport."

ISP says it plans to move the fleet and begin operations at the airport once construction of the hangar is complete.