RICHMOND - Earlham College Interim President Avis Stewart has announced the suspension of the school's football program for the 2019 season and has ordered a review of the program. 

Stewart says the plan is for Earlham to field a team in 2020 after three conditions are met: determine the proper funding level and resources to support a football program outside the College's current operating budget, hire a qualified head coach, and to recruit a fitting number of student athletes to field a competitive team.

"These three conditions must be met before we re-establish our program," Stewart says. "Our alumni will be instrumental in helping us attain these goals. A quality football program with the appropriate numbers has the potential to enhance the student experience, increase enrollment, and impact the College's budget in a positive way."

Stewart has appointed a Football Review Committee comprised of current and former Division III football coaches and athletic directors, alumni, faculty and student-athletes who will study the financial ramifications of fielding a football team, along with taking into account the safety of student-athletes and the school's troubles with recruiting and winning on the field. The team hasn't won a game since 2013 when it went 2-8 under then head coach Neil Kazmierczak. Earlham hasn't had a winning football season since their 6-4 2000 season. 

The review committee will begin work in January 2019 and will be chaired by Vince Punzo, a professor of psychology and one of Earlham's faculty athletic representatives. Earlham will help with any student-athletes transfer requests during the work of the committee.