After lengthy construction delays, things are speeding up on I-69 between Martinsville and Bloomington. The Indiana Department of Transportation says drivers can now get up to interstate speeds on the latest portion of the I-69 extension.

INDOT says the speed limit will be 55 miles per hour in a nearly eight-mile stretch between Rockport Road and Kinser Pike in Bloomington. The speed limit will increase to 70 miles per hour in a 13-mile stretch between Kinser Pike and Indian Creek. The interstate ends just north of the Liberty Church interchange and INDOT is reminding drivers to be prepared to reduce their speed as they approach Martinsville. 

The area known as Section 5 of the I-69 extension is nearing completion. INDOT says there will still be intermittent lane restrictions through November as crews finish up punch list work items. Drivers will need to reduce their speed to 55 miles per hour in those areas, which INDOT says will be short distances and clearly marked.

Section 5 was scheduled to be "substantially complete" by the end of August, however officials said shortly before that point that more work needed to be done. The final portion of the I-69 extension, Section 6, will run from Martinsville to Indianapolis.

In June, officials released the final design design elements for the final section. Construction is expected to begin in Fiscal Year 2020.