INDIANAPOLIS - More than $4.5 million worth of assets from Lawrence-based USA Fireworks is being put up for auction. Indianapolis-based Key Auctioneers says the company, which recently announced it is closing, is allowing the public to bid on a wide array of fireworks and equipment through online and on-site auctions.

The online auctions, which includes fireworks, shelves, tables, and more than 140 cash registers are currently accepting bids and will wrap up October 29-31. The fireworks included in those auctions include:

  • Cakes ranging from 200 to 500 grams
  • Fountains, artillery shells, bottle rockets, roman candles and other fireworks from the world’s leading brands
  • Prepackaged assortment and combo packs
  • Snap Pops, sparklers—something for everyone 

You can view all of the items up for bidding and place bids by clicking here.

A second live, on-site auction will take place November 1 and will have a heavier focus on operational commercial equipment, tools, as well as fireworks. Some of the items included the auction, which will also have an online component, include:

Miscellaneous firework inventory 

  • A Hino 26’ box truck
  • An International Bucket Truck with a 40’ boom
  • A 16’ dual-axle enclosed trailer
  • Two cargo vans
  • A Raymond electric stand-up forklift
  • A 4,600# Clark forklift
  • 3500W generators, 200+ fire extinguishers, saw horses and table tops, temporary lighting, and more
  • 120+ sections of pallet racking
  • power tools from DeWalt, Makita, Senco, Hitachi, Ryobi and Black & Decker
  • fiberglass and aluminum ladders
  • hand tools, building materials and office furniture

You can learn more about the auction by clicking here.