TERRE HAUTE - Indiana State University has secured a $2.4 million federal grant. The funding from the U.S. Department of Education will support mentoring programs and space that boosts visibility of ISU's offerings. Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost Mike Licari says "we are on a positive trajectory at State with respect to our commitment to students. This grant represents an important affirmation and boost that can help us further differentiate Indiana State as a college destination of choice."

The grant's co-director is Bailey Bridgewater, who serves as ISU's executive director for student success innovation. Bridgewater says the funds will help create a tailored support system for students that brings together alumni, faculty and peer mentors. "We'll be leveraging innovative efforts that already exists on campus and making well-trained mentors easily accessible for anyone who wants to be part of that relationship," said Bridgewater.

ISU says the five years of funding will build on existing mentoring programs and bring them to places and student groups not currently served. You can connect to more about the grant and the effort by clicking here.