INDIANAPOLIS - A new space in the University of Indianapolis School of Business is designed to give students an edge on their careers in finance. The $300,000 Finance Lab includes 12 Bloomberg terminals and a stock ticker as part of the experiential learning facility. The school describes the space as the "front door" to the business school on the first floor of Esch Hall.

School of Business Dean Larry Belcher says "this is a major development for the School of Business. For students who want to go into finance and other disciplines, having exposure to professional-grade tools and the opportunity to be certified in their use is huge." He adds the lab could provide opportunities for collaboration outside the business school. "Data management is a huge thing in health care. We’re looking at opportunities to utilize the capacity in cooperative ventures with other programs, primarily in the health professions," he said.

The university says it will launch a data analytics graduate program in the fall of next year.