WEST LAFAYETTE - The College of Liberal Arts at Purdue University has unveiled a program aimed at helping students complete two bachelor's degrees without extending their time to graduate. The program, known as Degree+, allows students outside of the college to complete a bachelor's degree in their chosen major while also adding a liberal arts degree.

Degree+ will be open to students in any academic college on Purdue's West Lafayette campus. As part of the program, students who fulfill all university core curriculum requirements and those of their non-liberal arts major will not be required to complete the liberal arts core curriculum. In order to earn their liberal arts degree, students will only have to take the courses specific to their chosen liberal arts major.

"Purdue prides itself a leader in providing value in higher education. Degree+ expands upon the idea of value in higher education," said David Reingold, dean of the College of Liberal Arts. "Alongside the university’s commitment to holding tuition costs steady, Degree+ offers students more breadth in their undergraduate education by combining their studies across colleges along a streamlined path that does not require more than a traditional four-year course of study."

The Purdue College of Liberal Arts has a history of unique degree programs. Last year, the college announced the Degree in 3 program, which allows students to complete a bachelor's degree in three years.