INDIANAPOLIS - A new U.S. Navy unmanned aircraft will be powered by an Indiana-built engine. Rolls-Royce in Indianapolis will provide its AE 3007N engine for The Boeing Co., which will build the MQ-25 Stingray. The planes are designed for air-to-air refueling from carriers.

To date, Rolls-Royce has delivered nearly 7,000 engines in the AE series that were built in the Indianapolis advanced manufacturing facility. Rolls-Royce Executive Vice President Jarrett Jones says "congratulations to Boeing for being selected to develop this historic aircraft in support of the US Navy. For Rolls-Royce, it will expand our UAV expertise with unmanned aircraft in the US Navy fleet, which includes the Triton and Fire Scout aircraft."

Boeing's total contract is for more than $805 million to produce four of the UAVs. The U.S. Department of Defense says the work performed in Indianapolis amounts to nearly seven percent of the deal. The contract is expected to be complete mid-2024.