VALPARAISO - The Family & Youth Services Bureau in Valparaiso has announced its next chief executive officer. Lisa Jordan, who has served in the role for 23 years, will retire at year's end. Current Vice President BeLinda Georgeff will be Jordan's successor. Georgeff has been with the Porter County organization for eight years.

Jordan says "BeLinda's dedication to children spans her career as a therapist and counselor. BeLinda possesses many years of first-hand experience supporting children. Her administrative skills were demonstrated when she took leadership of the agency's Risk Management Program. Although she continued to work directly with adolescents in her leadership role, she also excelled in the many administrative aspects that were presented. BeLinda then moved completely into FYSB's administrative management assuming supervision of clinical staff and grants management. BeLinda possesses the unique combination of therapeutic insight and solid leadership skills."

In Jordan's time with FYSB, the nonprofit has served more than 4,000 families and young people per year. She has overseen more than 20 different programs. The organization has provided supportive services in Porter County since 1972.