CARMEL - Carmel-based management and consulting firm M3 Ultimate Solutions has landed a five-year, more than $16 million contract with Human Investment Advisory Inc. in Atlanta. M3 says the deal will create over 20 jobs to provide C-suite management consulting services in a variety of areas.

The contract calls for the services in business management, human resource management, organizational change and development, project management, and finance for HIA's client base. M3 Chief Executive Officer Michelle Miller says the focus of the contract is to help HIA meet "tomorrow's agile and disruptive marketplace."

Jim Villwock, CEO of HIA, says the partnership with M3 will help his company implement its business transformation solutions in radically-evolving markets.

"This alliance will help us impact a significant number of customers in combination with our thought leadership and innovation model. M3’s business model, culture, and focus on adding highly competent consultants with competitive pricing will help us provide our customers with disruptive solutions while minimizing disruptive implementations," said Villwock. 

M3 did not specify a time frame for hiring the new employees as a result of the deal.