Ivy Tech Community College has received a $200,000 grant from Salesforce.org to support the IvyWorks program, which is designed to help women's careers in the tech sector. 

IvyWorks was created by Ivy Tech and Indy Women in Tech Foundation to support women pursuing a degree in several areas, including cybersecurity, information technology and support, informatics, and software development, among others. “The IvyWorks-Indy Women in Tech program has many benefits, and it will be even further enhanced by the inclusion of paid internships by creating more seamless transitions from school to work,” said Dr. Kathleen Lee, chancellor of Ivy Tech Indianapolis. “This program enhancement allowed by this investment from Salesforce.org will simultaneously benefit students, industry employers, and the central Indiana economy.”

Women in the program not only receive financial support for tuition, but also for books and fees, childcare, transportation and other needs. The program began in August of last year. For more information on IvyWorks, click here