ARLINGTON, VA - Nestlé USA has announced a 15-year power purchase agreement with EDP Renewables' Meadow Lake VI wind farm in Benton County. As part of the deal, EDP says it will expand the farm's capacity by 50 MW, which it says is enough to power more than 17,000 homes for a year.

Nestlé says the power purchase agreement will cover about 80 percent of the electricity load for five facilities in southeast Pennsylvania. The company ultimately hopes purchase all of its electricity from renewable sources as part of a goal to have zero environmental impact by 2030. Chief Supply Chain Officer Kevin Petrie says the agreement is part of Nestlé's "business transformation journey."

EDP Renewables says the agreement will bring several economic benefits to Indiana through jobs, tax payments and spending in local communities. The company plans to begin expanding the farm in the next two months, in hopes of having it fully operational by the end of the year. Once it's complete, the six-phase Meadow Lake project will total 800 MW.

The farm currently produces enough energy to power 159,000 homes. So far, the project represents a capital investment of about $1.1 billion.