The Northern Indiana Commuter Transportation District Board of Trustees has unveiled plans for nearly $140 million in capital projects for the year. Our partners at The Times of Northwest Indiana report a total of $1.2 billion in projects is on tap over the next five years. The work includes high-profile projects like the South Shore Line's West Lake Corridor extension and double-tracking the line between Gary and Michigan City.

The plans, the publication reports, include:

  • Environmental, engineering and property acquisition phases for the aforementioned projects.
  • Implementing a federally-mandated safety system that would allow for automatic breaking called Positive Train Control.
  • Environmental and engineering phases involved in relocating the South Bend International Airport's South Shore Line station at the airport terminal.
  • Final engineering stages of a new East Chicago station platform for the South Shore Line.
  • Modernizing electrical, traction power substations along the South Shore Line.
  • State of Good Repair funding for maintenance and upgrades on the South Shore Line rail and train cars.

You can connect to more about the 2018 and long-term plans from The Times of Northwest Indiana by clicking here.