Greenfield-based Elanco Animal Health has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for its new monthly flea and tick treatment for dogs. The company says the approval of Credelio rounds out its portfolio of companion animal parasiticides.

Credelio is an oral treatment that targets the nervous system receptors of ticks and fleas. In a news release Monday, Elanco Animal Health Director of Regional Consulting Tony Rumschlag said, "When choosing pet medications, veterinarians and pet owners are most concerned with safety for the pet as well as efficacy of the product. Lotilaner, the active ingredient in Credelio, was selected from hundreds of candidate molecules with this in mind. (Credelio) is fast-acting and effective against ticks and fleas, while being easy on dogs and puppies."

Elanco Animal Health did not provide a timeline for availability of Credelio. The announcement of the drug's FDA approval comes more than a week after the company received European approval for its drug Galliprant, which is designed to treat pain associated with mild-to-moderate osteoarthritis in dogs.