MIDDLETOWN - Middletown-based Holic Foods is planning a new food production center and 42 jobs over the next two years. The all-natural food manufacturer and distributor says it will invest $2.1 million to renovate a vacant factory into a facility it says will be the only one of its kind in the state.

Holic Foods makes sauces, dips and condiments including its signature Jalapenoholic and the new operation, the company says, will meet Safe Quality Food Institute Level 2 certification standards. The designation means acidified and high-acid foods can be handled and produced. Holic currently employs four and is looking to add administrative, production and facility, food science and microbiology positions.

Vice President of Strategy and Marketing Shari Nicholls says "Holic Foods is joining a strong food movement in Indiana with great state and local support. Along with producing our naturally addictive products, we want to help Hoosiers realize their dreams of becoming food entrepreneurs. If they have a great recipe or food they want to get in stores, we can help. We are paving the way for fellow food entrepreneurs to navigate the environment, as well as providing a partnership to produce their amazing products to share."

The five-year-old company has been operating out of Indy's Kitchen, a commercial culinary rental space in Indianapolis. It has been offered up to $175,000 in conditional tax credits and training grants through the Indiana Economic Development Corp. You can connect to more about the announcement by clicking here.