West Lafayette-based VinSense LLC has landed a more than $500,000 grant from the National Science Foundation. The software company, which uses Purdue University-licensed technology, designs software for wine grape growers and winemakers. VinSense provides in-field analysis and focuses on improving crop quality and sustainability.

The two-year Small Business Innovation Research grant will boost development of its digital technology and expanding its business to perennial crops like nuts and berries on the West Coast.

Chief Technology Officer David Ebert says "this will allow us to grow our customer base. The goal over the next 12 months is to expand our penetration in the wine-growing industry on the Pacific Coast. As we're able to collect more data, refine our algorithms and predictions, as well as work with more growers, we’ll be able to fine-tune the features in the software to meet their needs. Our overall goal is to harness and integrate big data from any source available such as infield sensors, weather data, fruit samples, drone data, and transform it into easily understood, actionable information directly relevant to the grower needs and decisions."

You can connect to more about the grant and the company's plans by clicking here.