A Mediterranean restaurant in Anderson that has been around almost 30 years is closing. In a message on Facebook, the owners of The Nile say they will close "for good" December 23. The restaurant, which is run by Angele and Samir Naby, opened in 1990 and bills itself as offering "A Journey of Taste."

The message from the Nabys reads:

After 27 years of serving you delicious food, The Nile will be closing it's doors for good on December 23, 2017. We have really loved getting to know all of you as you came in to enjoy our cuisine, and we are sad to part from our friends. We appreciate your patronage and we hope that we will continue to see you in the community! Thank you again for being an amazing clientele! We hope to see you one more time before we close.

The menu includes Egyptian, Lebanese and Greek cuisine and on Friday nights, features belly dancers during dinner hours.