FORT WAYNE - The name and logo of the new alumni association that will serve graduates of the IPFW campus will be unveiled Thursday evening in Fort Wayne. The need for the organization arose from the agreements by Purdue University and Indiana University to end joint oversight of the school. The alumni association will be independent of the Purdue and IU alumni associations.

The announcement will take place during the annual Mastodon Roast at the Steel Dynamics Keith E. Busse IPFW Alumni Center. In September, the IPFW Office of Advancement began working with LaBov Marketing Communications and Training in Fort Wayne to develop a brand and strategy for the association.

Vice Chancellor for Advancement Angie Fincannon says "we are excited to be able to share this news in an official capacity. The Mastodon Roast is the perfect venue to reveal what we believe will change our campus and our community for the better."

IPFW says it has more than 59,000 alumni. You can connect to more details by clicking here.