COLUMBUS - Architecturally-rich Columbus has received its share of time in the national spotlight recently and the head of a local nonprofit says there's more to come. Exhibit Columbus, which runs through November 26, features 18 art installations throughout the city and Landmark Columbus Executive Director Richard McCoy calls it an accessible opportunity to see Columbus "in a different way." A Hollywood film called "Columbus" that was shot in the city and uses the iconic scenery as a backdrop has recently been shown in theaters throughout the country and McCoy says it's another indication the community is "ready to show itself off to the world."

McCoy calls the attention for Columbus "amazing" and says Exhibit Columbus, which began in earnest a year ago, has attracted visitors ranging from local wedding participants to museum groups from throughout the world. He describes the long-range program as one that alternates "between symposium and exhibition."

In an interview last month on Inside INdiana Business Television, Columbus Mayor Jim Lienhoop said the impact of the movie goes far beyond the state. The city, Lienhoop says, features 70 "noteworthy structures," many of which were featured in some way in the film. "The budget for the movie was $1 million," he said. "The crew and cast were in town for about 18 days, so not quite three weeks, and in that period of time, they spent about $150,000." He adds that traffic at the local visitors center increased 80 percent in the weeks following the Labor Day release of the film.

McCoy says next year will also be big for the city, as Indiana University will launch a Master of Architecture degree program at the IU Center for Art and Design in Columbus.