CARMEL - Serial entrepreneur, Eleven Fifty co-founder and Grow INdiana Media Ventures Chairman Scott Jones is showing off some of what will be available next month at a four-day estate sale. The 24,000 square-foot home and everything inside it will be for sale September 14-17.

The house itself is listed at nearly $5 million.

Jones, who developed the technology behind voicemail and founded question-and-answer service ChaCha, spends most of his time at a home in Honolulu. The estate was formerly the home of the Eleven Fifty Academy. The school has since moved to Launch Fishers.

Well-known features of the house include an in-door tree house, 25-foot saltwater aquarium and a giant mahogany slide. It has been featured on shows including MTV Cribs and HGTV's Mega Mansions.