COLUMBUS - A Hollywood movie featuring Columbus as the backdrop will open Friday in select cities throughout the country. "Columbus" will play in more than two dozen theaters, including the Yes Cinema in Columbus and the Keystone Art Cinema in Indianapolis.

The movie stars John Cho, who plays a son visiting his architect scholar father who falls ill during a speaking engagement in Columbus. Cho's character Jin befriends Casey, a Columbus native and architecture enthusiast played by Haley Lu Richardson. Kogonada, well-known for his cinematography, debuts as a director. The architecturally significant city is seen as another character in the film, which has received some critical acclaim on the international film festival scene.

Supporting actors include Parker Posey, Rory Culkin and Michelle Forbes.

Scheduled showings will take place in Indianapolis and Columbus through September 7 and the showing date could be extended. You can connect to Indianapolis showtimes by clicking here and Columbus showtimes by clicking here.