WASHINGTON, D.C. - Four airports in the state have received grants from the Federal Aviation Administration. The most recent rounds of funding from the Airport Improvement Program total nearly $645 million nationwide and close to $10 million is marked for projects in Indiana.

The money can be spent on aviation infrastructure maintenance and improvements that support safety, capacity, security and the environment. The work involves runways, taxiways, airport signage, lighting and markings.

The three latest rounds of projects include the following initiatives in Indiana:

  • South Bend International Airport - $1.3 million - modify terminal building
  • DeKalb County Airport in Auburn - $1.2 million - runway extension work
  • Indianapolis International Airport - $6.5 million - taxiway and lighting rehabilitation
  • New Castle- Henry County Municipal Airport - $792,000 - runway construction plans

Airports are eligible to receive a set number of federal dollars each year based on passenger volume and the FAA can decide to add more through discretionary funding.