Indiana University East has begun work on the renovation of Whitewater Hall Lobby. Richmond-based Wisenhunt Construction Inc. says the project will enhance the space and improve energy efficiency at the campus' oldest building.

One of the main additions to the hall will be an IQ-Wall, a large display of tiled flat-screen monitors. IU East Information of Technology Executive Director Todd Duke says the wall can be used for presentations, collaborative sessions and for the school to share advanced digital arts and media content. He says the installation will be the first IQ-Wall on an IU regional campus.

To increase energy efficiency, crews are adding vestibules to help maintain the temperature and replacing glass windows and doors with double-pane insulated glass.

Chancellor Kathy Cruz-Uribe says the renovation is a "direct response to our continued enrollment growth to accommodate the needs of our students." Since 2007, IU East has doubled enrollment to over 4,500 students.

Whitewater hall was built in 1971. The school expects to complete the renovation in September.