The tallest building in the state has more than a new name. The interior of the 48-story structure is undergoing a major renovation. Salesforce currently occupies four floors in Salesforce Tower and has plans to renovate a total of six.

Salesforce Executive Vice President of Global Real Estate Elizabeth Pinkham says each floor will adhere to the company's new 'Ohana' design theme, currently being implemented at its headquarters in San Francisco, as well as towers in New York City and London.

"Ohana means family in Hawaiian. And to us, that design is really not just for our employees, but also for our customers, our partners, our non-profit friends and our families," said Pinkham. "All of those people are going to be coming into these spaces. So when we did this we tried to design a space that was very warm and friendly, almost more residential than what you would expect from a corporate environment."

Pinkham says her team has been working on the Ohana design concept for approximately a year and a half, utilizing expertise from credible residential interior designers and award-winning architects. She describes the new design as "very warm" and "organic". 

Each floor will also feature Mindfulness Zones. A room strictly dedicated for employee meditation. The new program will allow all Salesforce workers time to "sit and recharge, kind of take a moment, bring your energy back."

"We're bringing in Buddhist monks and other mindfulness teachers to help our employees," says Pinkham. "They're starting to hear a lot about mindfulness practices. They want to learn more and they know it's good for their health. This is really taking off right now and something we're really excited about it." 

Perhaps the most exciting space for non-Salesforce employees is still under construction. The Ohana Floor is located on the 47th floor and will serve as a social lounge for employees and will feature a barista bar. Pinkham says it will also be available to non-profits in the community. 

"What's really exciting is thinking about how we give access to these beautiful, sweeping views, these panoramic views, these very special spaces that are in the clouds. So what we're doing is opening up the Ohana Floor on weeknights and weekends so that non-profits in the community can come in; and maybe Girl Scouts of America want to do a fundraiser dinner; maybe Habitat for Humanity wants to come in and do a press conference. So we want to open up the space for them so they can do that," Pinkham said.

The final timeline for completing all renovations has not been publicly announced, but the overall investment from Salesforce is slated to total $40 million.