Indianapolis-based entrepreneurs are hopeful their new liquid bandage product made from corn could hit the market within a year. Natural Renewal LLC, launched by Purdue University graduates, produces the Natural Renewal Liquid Bandage from corn protein that is left over from the refining process. The company says scaling-up the manufacturing process would be relatively inexpensive.

In an interview with the Inside INdiana Business Life Sciences e-newsletter, Chief Executive Officer Robert Agee says the Natural Renewal Liquid Bandage could bypass the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval process. "We are using ingredients which are generally-recognized as safe by the FDA," he said. "This list of ingredients has already been clinically tested and used even in other products so much so that having to go through any sort of clinical hurdles or things like that are not necessary because everything's already been proven to be safe."

The product also uses a natural wound-clotting agent that Agee says is safer than current, widely available liquid bandage products on the market that are "literally, repacked super glue." The company is currently seeking funding partners and says there is big demand for such a product from stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Fresh Thyme. You can read more about Natural Renewal Liquid Bandage from Inside INdiana Business Special Projects Reporter Kylie Veleta by clicking here.