FORT WAYNE - The Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership and Elevate Ventures have signed a three-year agreement. The extended collaboration involves advanced program support for entrepreneurs in the 11-county region.

The organizations have been partners since 2011 when the Regional Opportunities Council raised $760,000 from the private sector to support Elevate Ventures' presence in northeast Indiana as part of the Vision 2020 priorities.

Elevate Ventures Chief Executive Officer Chris LaMothe says "our vision is to be regarded as a value-added partner, resource and community catalyst for developing high-performing, high-growth, Indiana-based businesses. This agreement represents Northeast Indiana's commitment to building a sustainable culture of entrepreneurship and innovation for the 11 county region."

Elevate Ventures and the Northeast Indiana Regional Partnership are 80 percent of the way toward wrapping up a $1 million fundraising initiative.

Regional Partnership CEO John Sampson says "continued investment in Northeast Indiana’s entrepreneurial ecosystem is critical to the success and economic growth of the region. Thanks to Elevate Ventures’ commitment to collaboration, we are empowered to encourage, support and invest in big, innovative ideas."

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