GRANGER - The Indiana Toll Road Concession Co. says $200 million in improvements along the northern Indiana corridor are moving forward. The toll road operator has released the latest round of lane and interchange closings and restrictions that have kicked in this week. The work involves 70 miles of roadway stretching between Lake Station and Elkhart.

In all, it covers five counties. The full scope of the two-year, 80/90 PUSH project was outlined early last year.

Restrictions and closures include:

Roadway Work

Lake and Porter counties

  • Milemarker 20-25
  • Milemarker 30-34

LaPorte County

  • Milemarker 48-52
  • Milemarker 58

St. Joseph County

  • Milemarker 67-78

Elkhart County

  • Milemarker 86-93

Interchange Work

  • Exit number 21: Closed
  • Exit number 23: Ramps Reopened
  • Exit number 72: Scheduled to close beginning May 2
  • Exit number 77: Reopened
  • Exit number 92: Opened

You can connect to updates through the 80/90 PUSH website.