The Indiana Connections Career Academy in Indianapolis has received approval from the Ball State University Office of Charter Schools to open for students this fall. The fully-online career technical school is aiming to serve 250 students in grades 9-11 in its first year.

The school plans to serve 12th grade students in its second year. The academy says its career technical program will prepare students for work after graduation in a chosen field through career education and preparation and work-based experiences.

The school says it plans to partner with local businesses to offer work experiences in addition to offering courses toward one of five career clusters: Health Science, Hospitality & Tourism, Information Technology, Arts, A/V Tech & Communication, and Manufacturing.

"With our rapidly-evolving 21st century workforce, it's now more important than ever that students with ambitions of immediately entering the workplace also have access to a high-quality, career technical-focused education," said Stacy Taylor, governing board chair. "We’ve worked with Connections Academy to provide K-12 virtual school to Indiana students for more than five years, and I’m thrilled to expand this partnership and offer a career technical online program to students in the state."

Students will work with Indiana-certified teachers as well as with a parent or "learning coach" monitoring their progress. You can learn more about the academy by clicking here.