The president of Bloomington-based Cook Group Inc. and Cook Medical has launched a fund designed to help tech startups in Bloomington attract new employees. Pete Yonkman announced the fund Friday during a presentation at The Combine.

Cook Medical says the fund will be seeded by a $50,000 donation from Yonkman and his wife, Janell. Yonkman calls Bloomington a wonderful place to live, work and play.

"We hope that, through this fund, we can attract really smart people to be entrepreneurial and innovative in Bloomington," said Yonkman. "This fund will help small companies in Bloomington that want to make a great new hire but need some extra help. The tech sector is a critical part to Bloomington’s ecosystem, and when our ecosystem is healthy, it benefits everyone in our community."

Yonkman was one of the main presenters at the annual Combine event, which focuses on technology and entrepreneurship.