BEDFORD - Radius Indiana has appointed Jeff Quyle chief executive officer. Quyle, who has served as president and chief operating officer since January, succeeds Becky Skillman, who will become a senior advisor for the southwest central Indiana organization.

Radius says Quyle leads the organization on major initiatives and provides strategic oversight and direction for business development. Quyle says over the past six months, he has worked with Skillman on developing a vision to boost economic development efforts in the region.

"We want to make sure the folks who are residents of our region have opportunities to increase their wages and their quality of life," said Quyle. "We're looking at what the employment levels are and how we can help to evolve our industrial mix to have higher wage opportunities. Through the lens of qualitative analysis and the input we get from our community leaders, we try to make sure that we give our communities the opportunity to move themselves forward."

Quyle says the organization realizes that work force availability continues to be an issue in the region. He says the labor force tends to go out of the region for work, which presents an opportunity.

"We think that we've got that opportunity to bring in the jobs that will let our residents stay closer to home, reduce their commute time and that's one of the things we'll focus on," said Quyle. "We'll also focus on the quality of place and community development kinds of initiatives."

The organization says Skillman, who had served as CEO since 2013, will continue to work with the Radius Board of Directors and staff on economic and community development efforts in the region.

"Under Becky's leadership we've have seen the relevance of the Radius region grow immensely, and we are extremely fortunate to have her continue as a key member of our team," said Quyle. "Her unwavering commitment to our region is evident in the organization's accomplishments in economic development and business growth. She has strengthened relationships with our stakeholders, business leaders and community members, and made Radius Indiana a major contributor to regional and state economic efforts."

Before joining Radius Indiana, Quyle served as the economic development coordinator for Hoosier Energy.