CAYUGA - A last-of-its-kind in the U.S. brickmaking operation is on the market. Colonial Brick Corp. in Cayuga dates back to the early 1900s and boasts ten coal-fired, beehive-shaped kilns, which are the only ones still in service in the country.

The property is listed for $750,000. The company uses clay that is mined in the area and the bricks are cut and shaped using antique tools. Its bricks can be seen on many historic buildings throughout the country, including Union Station in Indianapolis. It also sells what are called "clinkers," or misshapen bricks.

Indiana Landmarks says the Wabash Valley was once home to 15 brick and clay tile factories.

The company's website says it employs nearly 50 workers, producing between 11 and 12 million bricks per year. The bricks are made to match original exteriors, pavement and other structures involved in restoration projects.