INDIANAPOLIS - The outgoing executive director of the Indiana Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship says there is plenty of opportunity for continued growth after he leaves for the private sector. Jacob Schpok, who recently accepted a role as of vice president of operations with Indianapolis-based Fathom Voice, tells Inside INdiana Business Hoosier entrepreneurs reaching out every day to seek assistance on growing their enterprises.

Schpok joined the Indiana Small Business Development Center just under 10 years ago and was named the first executive director of the OSBE more than three years ago. He says during that time, the agency has broadened the number of services it provides to entrepreneurs and small businesses. 

"I think we're looking to continue the momentum of the Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship," says Schpok. "There's a lot of opportunity for us to continue to provide those services and identify new ways to bring value to our Hoosier stakeholders."

In his new role with Fathom Voice, Schpok will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the company, allowing CEO Cameron Weeks to focus on the company's growth. Schpok says his experience in not only helping small businesses grow, but the Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship as well, lends itself to his new position.

"Being able to apply the management skills and the operational strategies that we've grown we've nurtured in the private sector is really a dream of mine and what I consider to be the next iteration of my career," says Schpok.

Schpok says his goal at Fathom is to do everything he can to take the operational management of of Weeks' plate and make sure there are appropriate efficiencies in place so his team is equipped to work on today's needs and transition into the needs of the future.

Friday will be Schpok's last day at the Office of Small Business and Entrepreneurship. He will begin his new role with Fathom on April 15.