PLAINFIELD - Plainfield-based Duke Energy Indiana is looking to make upgrades to its Markland Hydro Station near Florence. The utility has requested permission from the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to go forward with the project later this year.

Duke says if approved, the project would include the modernization, replacing and upgrading of three hydroelectric turbines, generators and related equipment. The equipment has been in service for nearly 50 years.

"The generating units at Markland Hydro have served our customers well with clean, renewable energy since 1967," said Melody Birmingham-Byrd, president of Duke Energy Indiana. "As we move toward increasingly cleaner energy, these modernized generation units will harness more of the renewable resources of the Ohio River for many years to come."

A spokesman for Duke Energy Indiana says the cost estimate for the project will be filed in the utility's written testimony to the IURC next week. A ruling from the commission could come within the next three to four months.

The utility says the project could commence in mid-2016 and be completed by mid-2020.