DONALDSON - Ancilla College is launching an online program aimed at helping high school juniors and seniors save money and time on earning their college degrees. The Jump Ahead program gives students the chance to earn college credits and, in some cases, credits toward their high school diplomas.

Jim Cawthon, director of student development and career services at Ancilla, says classes will cost $125 per credit hour, which is 75 percent off the college's regular cost. He says the program could save families an entire semester of college costs by the time students graduate high school.

"We want to accommodate all kinds of learners at Ancilla College and have created programs for students of all ages," said Vice President for Academic Affairs Joanna Blount. "Online learning is critical to academic success and, for a high school student, an excellent way to jump ahead on their degree."

To qualify for the program, students must have a high school GPA of 3.0 or higher, have a home computer with internet access, submit an online Ancilla College application and have an official high school transcript. Enrollment for the first summer term ends May 13 and enrollment for the second summer term ends June 24.

The program offers 12 courses, including:

  • Writing I
  • Writing II
  • Public Speaking
  • Computer Literacy
  • General Astronomy
  • Intro to Sociology
  • General Psychology
  • Art Appreciation
  • Music Appreciation
  • American Lit to 1865
  • American Lit from 1865
  • Intro to Literature

"Many students want the traditional college experience of learning in a classroom and living on campus, and Ancilla provides that," said Vice President of Enrollment Management Eric Wignall, "But Jump Ahead gets college started early. College costs have been rising for the last ten years. Ancilla can reach students planning for college anywhere in the country to provide rigorous, accredited, transferable college credits at a bargain price."

Click here for more information on the Jump Ahead program.