SOUTH BEND - City officials and leaders from the South Bend 150 Committee have unveiled the proposed new flag for South Bend. The flag is the result of a design contest which featured more than 200 submissions.

The city says the new design will "serve as a unifying and recognizable symbol of the city that captures the spirit of South Bend’s past, present, and future." It is the final part of South Bend's 150th anniversary festivities. The city celebrated its sesquicentennial last year.

"The flag will help residents rally around our city in its moment of renewal," said South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg. "After it is formally adopted, I hope residents will embrace this design and use it in their own, creative ways to show their love of the City. In our City's 151st year, it would be terrific to see 151 of the new flags flying on flag poles throughout the city by the end of the year."

The committee collected over 1,000 comments on the three design finalists. A final design was produced which incorporated the public input and elements from all three finalists.

Tim Scott, president of the South Bend Common Council, along with council member Gavin Ferlic will introduce an ordinance Monday to officially adopt the new design.